Things to Consider When Moving Your SQM to the Cloud

There are many benefits of moving your Supplier Quality Management System (SQM) to the cloud. It is cheaper, flexible, easier to update and more. But, before you move your SQM to the cloud, there are some things you need to consider.


  1. Security

While moving your SQM to the cloud can improve your collaboration with your supplier, it can also put you at risk. Cloud-based portals which allows administrators to set permissions and limit access can help you with this issue. You also need to know the type of security certifications and disaster recovery plan that your vendor has.

  1. Integration

Not all SQM solutions are equal. You need to find one that has integrated tools that will help you boost your supplier quality. Some of these integrated tools include ones for Corrective Action, Risk Management and Product Design.

  1. Long-Term Costs

Find out the long-term costs of the solution including cost of additional licenses, upgrades, customizations and more. You also need to find one that scalable and flexible.


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